Wax Poetics No.34 (Book)

  • Wax Poetics No.34 (Book)
  • Wax Poetics No.34 (Book)
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ソウル、ファンク、ジャズ、 ヒップホップを中心に最も質の高い音楽を届ける超良質雑誌「Wax Poetics」の英語版US Issue 34号。

ジャズ特集、Creed Taylorの他、Dorothy Asby、Al Williams Quintet Plus One、The Third Wave、Slipstream、Bruce Ditmas、Lyman Woodard、Hank Crawford、Joe Cuba、David "Fathead" Newman、9dw、Stonephace、Ululation、Melvin Sparks、Horace Tapscott、Richard Evans、Joel Dorn、Analog Outといった幅広いミュージシャンと音楽の貴重な記事を収めている。英語版であるが、この本を読まずして真のミュージック・ラヴァーとは言えない?

今回はジャケットから察するとおりジャズ特集。ジャズ界を代表し、クラブ方面、ヒップホップ方面、さらにはトラックメイカー/プロデューサーからも非常に人気が高い凄腕プロデューサーCreed Taylor。Creed Taylorといえば名門「CTI records」の長編特集。

Our landmark Jazz Issue (#34) features the classic Blue Train photo of John Coltrane, uncropped, as well as trumpet star Freddie Hubbard. Behind both of these legends was jazz producer Creed Taylor, who left his mark on Impulse and Verve before starting his untouchable CTI Records. Also: Horace Tapscott, Richard Evans, Joel Dorn, Melvin Sparks.

Creed Taylor

"Simply put, jazz critics are not my favorite people," sQuintet ays Creed Taylor. "And I'm not their favorite producer."

Horace Tapscott

"It's like bringing up your children in a certain area because you want them to grow and be aware of certain things. This same principle applied to us, as far as Black musicians were concerned," proclaimed Horace Tapscott.

Melvin Sparks

An unfailingly humble man, Melvin Sparks seems to locate himself on the fringes of jazz history...

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