Nick Kurosawa : HOME (LP/color vinyl)


  • Nick Kurosawa : HOME (LP/color vinyl)

シンプルなアコースティック弾き語り編成で彼のアロハスピリット溢れる歌声が堪能できる。Bobby Caldwell、Sam Cooke、Kalapanaのカバーを含む6曲を収録。

ALOHA GOT SOULクルーがその歌声に惚れ込み、ワイキキのホテルで毎週日曜昼行われるレギュラーイベント「Mahina Brunch with Aloha Got Soul」に出演中。

ハワイ州オアフ島生まれ、70-80年代に活躍していたローカルで人気のファンクバンドNatural Highのメンバーを父に持つロコ・シンガーのNick。 自身もホノルルのホテルやバー、レストランにてレギュラーを持ち、ソロ/バンドで活躍している実力派。

デビュー盤となる今作はシンプルなアコースティック弾き語り編成で彼のアロハスピリット溢れる歌声が堪能できる。Bobby Caldwell、Sam Cooke、Kalapanaのカバーを含む6曲を収録。

録音はTender Leafを手掛け、Lemuria、Babaduの作品にも鍵盤奏者として参加していたKit Ebersbach(Pacific Music Productions/Don Tiki)が担当と、ALOHA GOT SOULならではのチョイス。

最近はYOUR SONG IS GOODはじめ日本勢との共演も増えてきたNICK KUROSAWA。待望のアナログ化です!

A1.I'll Come Running Back To You
A3.The River
B1.What You Won't Do For Love
B2.What Do I Do

"What shines through is his authenticity and soul. It's a pure line, and good vibe, full of Aloha, spirit and heart!"
- Carlos Niño (dublab, Leaving Records)

Introducing 'Home', the debut EP from Oahu-born soul singer and guitarist Nick Kurosawa.

Recorded in Honolulu in February 2018, 'Home' features Nick Kurosawa's timeless original songs and influential classics by Bobby Caldwell, Sam Cooke, and Kalapana.

'Home' stands as an inspired stepping stone for a young, bright artist like Nick Kurosawa who roots himself in tradition as he explores his own sound, searching for where his voice and spirit feel most at home.

For Aloha Got Soul, this debut represents another step forward in the label's continuing evolution to represent progressive and relatively unknown music of Hawai‘i ― regardless of generation or genre.

To bring the release full circle with the label's output to date, we tapped Kit Ebersbach to be our engineer, whose first sessions were playing piano on the Lemuria and Babadu LPs. Kit Ebersnach's first engineering project was Tender Leaf.

Recorded and Mixed by Kit Ebersbach and Max Ebersbach
at Pacific Music Productions on February 1, 2018.

Note: two takes of each song were recorded in the session, with vocals and acoustic guitar or hollow body electric guitar, live in the room.

1. Written by Sam Cooke
2., 3. and 6. Written by Nick Kurosawa
4. Written by Bobby Caldwell and Alfons Kettner
5. Written by Mackey Feary Jr. for Kalapana


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