Joe Bonner (Joseph Bonner) : Impressions Of Copenhagen - incl. Bonus Track (LP/180g)


  • Joe Bonner (Joseph Bonner) : Impressions Of Copenhagen - incl. Bonus Track (LP/180g)
label/Pure Pleasure Record (TR113)

180g High Quality Pressing!
Re-mastering by Ray Staff at Air Mastering!

McCoy TynerにインスパイアーされたJoe Bonnerの名作がオーディオファイル仕様LP!!

ベルの音と優雅なストリングスとホーンセクションが印象的なタイ トル曲はJoe Bonnerのロマンティシズム溢れる内容だ。またArchie Sheppおなじみ「Quiet Down」あたりも含めモーダル&スピリチュアル・ジャズ好きには聴いていただきたい作品です。(k)

180g Vinyl
・Re-mastering by Ray Staff at Air Mastering, Lyndhurst Hall, London
・Recorded at Northstar Studios, Boulder, Colorado, 1981
・Made in the UK

【参加メンバー / 楽器】
Joseph Bonner(p)
Paul Warburton(b)
J. Thomas Tilton(ds)
Holly Hofmann(fl)
Gary Olson(tb)
Eddie Shu(tp)
Carol Garrett(viola)
Carol Michalowski(vln)
Peggy Sullivan(vln)
Beverly Woolery(cello)

-Track List-
Side A:
1. Impressions Of Copenhagen/R.V.
2. The Northstar
3. I’ll Say No This Time

Side B:
1. Quiet Dawn
2. Why Am I Here?
3. Lush Life (bonus track)

Originally released by Theresa in 1981, this frequently exquisite set features the McCoy Tyner-inspired piano of Joe Bonner on four originals, Cal Massey's "Quiet Dawn" and "Lush Life". Bonner and a rhythm section are joined by a string quartet, trumpet, trombone, and flutist Holly Hofmann (the leader provided the arrangements) for music that is both lyrical and often passionate. Bonner is an underrated talent, and this is one of his finest recordings.

Bonner is only the second-most famous pianist born in Rocky Mount, N.C., behind Thelonious Monk. It's indicative of Bonner's lack of fame and appreciation that Monk is listed as a notable resident on Rocky Mount's Wikipedia page, but Bonner is not.

But the pianist Bonner was most often compared to was not Monk but McCoy Tyner. Scott Yanow's review of Impressions of Copenhagen said Bonner's piano playing was "McCoy Tyner-inspired." Bonner's admittedly biased drummer, Tom Tilton, even felt Bonner surpassed Tyner. "Joe Bonner has all the power of McCoy, he has all the capability of McCoy, but he's so much more romantic," Tilton said, according to "I mean, I've been there time after time where there were tears running down people's faces when he would play a ballad. He could captivate a room like nobody I've ever experienced before."

Bonner did most of his playing over the last two decades in Denver, where he was beloved and appreciated. Even Gov. John Hickenlooper was a Bonner fan. "He was without question, the most talented piano player I've ever heard," the governor told the website in a remembrance of Bonner. "... I want people to know that I loved Joe Bonner."


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