Frank Nitt / Frankie Rothstein (LP)


  • Frank Nitt / Frankie Rothstein (LP)
  • Frank Nitt / Frankie Rothstein (LP)


label/Fat Beats (FB5176LP)

Yancey BoysFrank-N-Dankの両デュオを率いるフロントマン、デトロイト~L.A.地下を支える屋台骨、Frank Nittによるソロ!! Illa JJ.RoccDJ RhettmaticT3YOUNG RJの参加に加え、J Dillaビートも勿論収録!!

J Dilla亡き後のSlum Village、Frank-N-Dank周辺のデトロイト・コネクションを繋ぎ、更にはYancey Media Groupの運営にも参加、現在はL.A.を拠点に活動する、モータウン地下発の重要人物 Frank Nittによる久々のソロ作!!

プロデュースは、Stones Throw~Beat JunkiesのJ. RoccとDJ Rhettmatic、Slum VillageのYoung RJらを起用、勿論J Dillaビートもアリ!!

ゲストMC/ボーカルには、Yancey Boysとしての相棒でもあるDillaの実弟Illa Jの他、Slum VillageのT3や、キュートな歌姫Botni Applebumを起用。

A1. Dank Intro

A2. Classic (prod. Rhettmatic)

A3. Slippin Ft.Illa J (prod. Rocc)

A4. Hit Record/Dank Skit (prod. RobRoy)

A5. Official Supreme ft. Botni Applebum (prod. J Dilla)

B1. Hey World (prod. Angry Old Men)

B2. Money on My Mind ft. T3 & Illa J (prod. Young RJ)

B3. Get Blowed/Dank outro ft. Botni Applebum & Illa J (prod. Angry Old Men)

B4. Slipping Remix (Prod. By Robroy)

B5. Slippin Instrumental

With Frankie Rothstein, his first album on Fat Beats Records which features production from the likes of J Rocc, J Dilla and DJ Rhettmatic, L.A. based, Detroit-bred MC Frank Nitt brings his distinguished, decades-long career full-circle, packing his inimitable style and years of industry-hardened grit in with a newfound maturity and growth.

From a young age, Frank Nitt was quick to absorb the rich musical history of his native Detroit, forming the rap duo Frank N’ Dank in his teens. The group eventually landed worldwide attention & acclaim for their contributions to Dilla’s debut album Welcome 2 Detroit in 2001 and soon after signed to MCA Records.

Poised to release their debut full length 48 Hours (entirely produced by Dilla) the album ended up shelved, seemingly indefinitely, due to label politics. It wasn’t until 2013 that the album finally saw a proper official release, garnering critical praise for its irreverent, light-hearted rhymes and unconventional production.

After years as a group, Nitt parted ways with Dank to pursue a career as a solo emcee, eventually connecting with prolific LA beatsmith Madlib to release Nittyville, an installment of Madlib’s acclaimed Medicine Show series.

Most recently, Nitt released Sunset Blvd., a collaborative full-length with Illa J (younger brother to the late J Dilla) over unreleased Dilla productions and featuring hip hop heavyweights Common, Talib Kweli and members of De La Soul and the Pharcyde.

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