Dimitri From Paris / Back In The House (2MIX-CD)

  • Dimitri From Paris / Back In The House (2MIX-CD)
  • Dimitri From Paris / Back In The House (2MIX-CD)


label/Defected (ITH47CD)

過去の『Defected In The House』シリーズの中でも屈指の名Mix盤と言われながらも、イニシャル・プレスのみで廃盤となっていた 『Defected Presents Dimitri From Paris Back In The House 』が限定再プレス!!

6年のインターバルを空けての『In The House』シリーズ3作目となった本作は、ディスコテンションを軸に時代もジャンル・ルーツも越えた楽曲のセレクションと、その圧倒的なスキルによって表現されるムード、感情の揺さぶり、ドラマ性のある展開が繰り広げられる作品性の高い1枚。アンダーグラウンド・サイドでも支持を集めDJ RoccaとのEro Diso関連をはじめとするプロダクション、Dimitriによるエディット等も随所に散りばめながら、それぞれの楽曲の素晴しさを感じさせてくれる選曲・構成・展開どれをとっても脱帽ものの作品。

CD1 - A Night At The Horse & Groom London (Live Recordings)

(1). Soul Clap featuring Franceska 'Take It Slow'

(2). Poolside 'Do You Believe'

(3). Kaine featuring Kathy Diamond 'Love Saves The Day' (Mario Basanov’s Vocal Remake)

(4). Pitchben 'Stand Up' (Tiger & Woods Remix)

(5). Miguel Campbell 'Kiss & Tell'

(6). Wagon Cookin feat Odille Lima 'Feels So Good' (Longer Edit)

(7). Storm Queen 'Look Right Through' (Dimitri From Paris Erodiscomix)

(8). Dimitri From Paris & DJ Rocca 'Pretty Baby' (Original Full Length)

(9). The Magician featuring Jeppe 'I Don’t Know What To Do' (Original Club Mix)

(10). DJ T. featuring Cari Golden 'City Life' (Maceo Plex Remix)

(11). Faze Action 'I Wanna Dancer' (Old School House Mix)

(12). Storm Queen 'It Goes On' (Vox)

(13). Fury 'Pain'

(14). Maceo Plex 'Can't Leave You'

(15). Playgroup featuring KC Flightt 'Front 2 Back' (Kenny Dope Old Skool Remix)

(16). Deux 'Party People' (Original Mix)

(17). Jonas Rathsman 'Tobago'

(18). Volta Bureau 'Alley Cat' (Original Mix)

(19). Elz & Elise 'Soul Power' (MKTL Master Kev & Tony Loreto Club Mix)

CD2 - A NIght At Dim's Mansion Paris

(1). The KDMS 'Tonight' (Morgan Geist Remix)

(2). WebQueawry 'Searching' (Mam Remix)

(3). Mercury 'Rio'

(4). Mercury 'Sweetness'

(5). Dimitri From Paris & DJ Rocca featuring Tim Benton 'Domino Dancing' (DJ Rocca Club Remix)

(6). Holy Ghost! 'It's Not Over' (Dimitri From Paris Erodiscomix)

(7). Mauvais Cliché 'Stop Watching Me' (Extended Mix)

(8). Loaded Dice 'Warm'

(9). Marshall Jefferson featuring Curtis McClain 'The House Music Anthem' (Move Your Body) (Terry Hunter Lower Wacker House Mix)

(10). Kikumoto Allstars 'House Music' (Original)

(11). KC Flightt 'Let’s Get Jazzy' (Dope Dub Mix)

(12). Mr. V featuring Carlos Mena & Pablo Fierro 'Fire La Loca'

(13). Moullinex 'Sunflare' (Moullinex Club Mix)

(14). Dimitri From Paris & DJ Rocca 'Ero Disco Theme'

(15). El Freakadell 'I Got You' (Original Disco Version)

(16). Tyson 'After You’re Gone' (Dimitri From Paris Remix)

(17). Sébastien Tellier 'Cochon Ville' (Dimitri From Paris Erodiscomix)

(18). Tommie Sunshine & Midnight Magic 'I Found Love' (Dimitri From Paris & DJ Rocca Erodiscodub)

(19). Dan Hartman 'Relight My Fire' (Dimitri From Paris Remix)


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