Tommie Young / Do You Still Feel The Same Way? (CD)

  • Tommie Young / Do You Still Feel The Same Way? (CD)
year/2003 org.1972~1975

country/ england org. US

マイナーレーベルSoul Powerにアルバム「Do You Still Feel The Same Way?」を録音した女性ソウルシンガーTommie Young。そのアルバムに収録された「Hit And Run Lover」はJazzmanから45sカットされ、某有名DJがミックスCDにも収録したグルーヴィーなソウルナンバー。さらにオリジナル・アルバム11曲にボーナス・トラックを


1. Do You Still Feel The Same Way?

2. Do We Have To See You

3. You Came Just In Time

4. She Don't Have To See You(To See Through You)

5. You Can Only Do Wrong So Long

6. You Can't Have Your Cake

7. You Brought It All On Yourself

8. That's All A Part Of Loving Him

9. That's How Strong My Love Is

10. Hit And Run Lover

11. Everybody's Got A Lottle Devil In Their Soul

-Bonus Tracks-

12. Take Time To Know Him

13. Get Out Of My Life

14. I'm Not Going To Cry Anymore

15. One Sided Love Affair

16. Midsummer Dream

Soul / Groovy


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