Wax Poetics No.47 (Book)

  • Wax Poetics No.47 (Book)
  • Wax Poetics No.47 (Book)




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ソウル、ファンク、ジャズ、 ヒップホップを中心に最も質の高い音楽を届ける超良質雑誌「Wax Poetics」の英語版US Issue 44号。

Earth, Wind & Fire、Ramsey Lewisの他、Bobby Womack、Lamont Dozier、Roy C、Solomon Burke、Billy Ocean、Dennis Coffeyといった幅広いミュージシャンと音楽の貴重な記事を収めている。英語版であるが、この本を読まずして真のミュージック・ラヴァーとは言えない?

Cosmic Heights

Born from a thought and willed into being by one man, Earth, Wind & Fire became one of the biggest acts of the 1970s. Enshrouded in the Mysteries, founder Maurice White was undeterred by closed-minded audiences and managed to break through by connecting with listeners on a higher level. But no matter how far he ascended, he continued to reach for the stars.

The Touch

Ramsey Lewis always operated in the popular realm, even making people dance with his 1965 hit record “The ‘In’ Crowd,” which epitomized the soul-jazz sound. The pianist recorded an outrageous amount of jazz albums, many that successfully crossed over, including the Gold-winning fusion masterpiece Sun Goddess, featuring Earth, Wind & Fire. But more than the material alone, it was his very hands that evoked that unmistakeable soul from his piano.

Sewn Up

Bobby Womack is a thread that runs through soul music. Perhaps more than any other artist of his era, he connects the major players in a six-degrees-of-separation game that keeps going until it seems that Womack must have known and played with everyone.

Side Hustle

Lamont Dozier was a natural-born hitmaker. His famed songwriting team of Holland-Dozier-Holland gained unparalleled success in the R&B world, skyrocketing Motown past even the biggest labels of its day. As the threesome broke from the Berry Gordy machine and scored gold with their own record company, Dozier took the opportunity to start up his solo career. Ultimately parting ways with his runnin’ pals to dance with the majors, Lamont Dozier became a star in his own right.

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