101 Apparel / Dj LeFtO "Universal Magnetic" (MIX-CD + T-Shirts/size-L)

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音楽に基づいた良質なデザインで好評の101 Apparelから、Dj LeFtOのミックスCDが付いたT-Shirtsが入荷。

Dj LeFtO "Universal Magnetic"


Brought to you by 101 Apparel

s one the most important tastemakers Europe has to offer, and affiliated with labels Brownswood, Blue Note, !K7 Records, Stones Throw and Jazzy Sport, this bearded early riser is consistently a couple steps ahead of your average early adopter. He doesn't wait for the next thing to land on his lap, he actively seeks it out, therefore just take a peek at his playlists on Belgium's foremost national radio station Studio Brussel which received compliments from Rough Trade Shops and Gilles Peterson. However, don't assume that he's only working futuristic angles - no sir. Firmly rooted in jazz and hip hop, he sharpened his digging sensibility working at the now legendary Music Mania record store in hometown Brussels. His passion for jazz resulted in a remix album for Blue Note which was well received by the community. LeFtO is forever moving forwards but always got an ear in the past. Famed for his gloriously eclectic dj sets, he switches effortlessly between hip hop, funk breaks, neck-snapping beats, future bass, south-american influences, bruk riddims and some wild african rhythms. He's not only a deejay and producer but also curates his own stage at the Dour Festival and his own nights in Gent in collaboration with Democrazy. World renowned, LeFtO regularly blesses sound systems from Tokyo to Seoul and Singapore to New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles. He has been a resident deejay for Gilles Peterson's Worldwide Festivals since 2008 around the world. Camera under the arm, he is also one of the few deejays on this planet who can deejay somewhere and have a nice movie on the internet a couple hours later, with over 250 videos on Youtube and Vimeo, it's very impressive. The travel resulted in a compilation on Gilles Peterson's Brownswood Recordings with partner in crime DJ Simbad. This guy goes on where others stop...

“To me, music is universal, it has the capability of connecting like minded people all around the world without even speaking the same language and it all works as a magnet. Today, thanks to the internet, musicians are able to meet and work with other musicians on a global scale, people are listening to music in shuffle mode and musical styles mix up to create new styles. This mix is what I do, mix up styles, blend them into different styles of music to create one sound, one world. When 101 Apparel asked me to do a mix, the minute after that I had the concept ready and here it is. Make sure you have your passport ready for this mix and enjoy this journey around the globe.”


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