Andrew Hill : Dance With Death - Blue Note Tone Poet Series (LP/180g)

  • Andrew Hill : Dance With Death - Blue Note Tone Poet Series (LP/180g)
  • Andrew Hill : Dance With Death - Blue Note Tone Poet Series (LP/180g)
JANコード 0602438370764
BLUE NOTE / 383-7076 / Import / 2023

Blue Note Tone Poet Series


このピアニストの驚くべきディスコグラフィーの中で、認知度は低いものの最も喜ばしいセッションの1つとして位置づけられている。ヒルの音楽は、ポストバップやアヴァンギャルドの要素を取り入れながら、そのどちらにも屈することなく、常に独自の領域に存在していたのだ!この6曲入りセットは、"Yellow Violet", "Fish 'N Rice", "Love Nocturne "などヒルの特異な曲ばかりで、トランペットのチャールズ・トリバー、ソプラノとテナーサックスのジョー・ファレル、ベースのビクター・スプロールズ、ドラムのビリー・ヒギンズなど実験やスイングをベースにして活躍する多彩なプレーヤーたちによって演奏されている。

The brilliant pianist and composer Andrew Hill debuted on Blue Note in 1963 with a flurry of creativity and maintained a prolific recording output through the end of the decade that left several stunning sessions unreleased in the vaults. Recorded in 1968, but not released until 1980, Dance With Death was Hill’s 10th Blue Note album and it stands as one of the most gratifying though under-recognized sessions of the pianist’s remarkable discography. Hill’s music always inhabited a realm of its own, embracing elements of post-bop and the avant-garde without being beholden to either. This 6-song set is comprised entirely of Hill’s singular compositions including “Yellow Violet,” “Fish ‘N Rice,” and “Love Nocturne” performed by a versatile quintet of players equally at home in experimental or swing-based settings including Charles Tolliver on trumpet, Joe Farrell on soprano and tenor saxophone, Victor Sproles on bass, and Billy Higgins on drums.

Blue Note Tone Poet Series

The Tone Poet Audiophile Vinyl Reissue Series was born out of Blue Note President Don Was’ admiration for the exceptional audiophile Blue Note LP reissues presented by Music Matters. Was brought Joe Harley, a.k.a. the “Tone Poet,” on board to curate and supervise a series of reissues from the Blue Note family of labels.

Extreme attention to detail has been paid to getting these right in every conceivable way, from the jacket graphics and printing quality to superior LP mastering (direct from the master tapes) by Kevin Gray to superb 180g audiophile LP pressings by Record Technology Inc. Every aspect of these Tone Poet releases is done to the highest possible standard. It means that you will never find a superior version. This is IT.

This stereo Tone Poet Vinyl Edition was produced by Joe Harley, mastered by Kevin Gray (Cohearent Audio) from the original analog master tapes, pressed on 180g vinyl at Record Technology Inc. (RTI), and packaged in a deluxe gatefold tip-on jacket.

A1.Yellow Violet
A3.Fish 'N Rice
B1.Dance With Death
B2.Love Nocturne
B3.Black Sabbath


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