DJ Yoshifumi a.k.a. Swing Master / The Swing Lesson.0 (MIX-CD/紙ジャケット仕様)

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  • DJ Yoshifumi a.k.a. Swing Master / The Swing Lesson.0 (MIX-CD/紙ジャケット仕様)

9年前に惜しまれながらもシリーズ終了した、超人気シリーズ『The Swing Lesson』の特別版がリリースです!!

9年間売れ続け、過去作品の問い合わせも途絶えることがなく新作リリースが熱望されていましたが、9年間の沈黙を破り、今ここに復活です!!『Lesson.0』というタイトル通り特別編的な内容で、性別・年齢問わず楽しめる、9年経った今だからこそ作れた『The Swing Lesson』に仕上がっています。爽やかで心躍る「跳ねた」R&Bの世界をお楽しみください!!

01. The Winans / That Extra Mile (Album Version)
02. Teddy Riley feat. Tammy Lucas / Is It Good To You (12" Mix)
03. Nona Gaye / I'm Overjoyed (Hip Hop Long Mix)
04. Malaika / Gotta Know (Your Name) (Todd's "Gotta Know" Mix)
05. Tene Williams / Give Him A Love He Can Feel (Special Remix)
06. Chantay Savege / Betcha'll Never Find (Special Remix 1)
07. Bobby Brown duet with Whitney Houston / Something In Common (Extended Vocal Version)
08. Level / Groove Ya (Extended Radio Mix)
09. Father MC / Treat Them Like They Want To Be Treated (Short Version)
10. Doug E. Fresh & The New Get Fresh Crew / If I Was Your Man (Swing It To The Street Remix)
11. Jeff Redd / You Called And Told Me (Club Version)
12. The Brat Pack / You're The Only Woman (The Jack Swing Mix)
13. Karyn White / The Way I Feel About You (Album Version)
14. Bervin Harris / The Choice Was Mine (Love Told Me So) (Radio Edit)
15. Keith Washington / Ready, Willing And Able
16. Karyn White / Romantic (Album Version)
17. Jermaine Jackson / I Dream, I Dream (Remix - Extended Version)
18. Harold Travis / La La La
19. Shomari / If You Feel The Need (Radio Edit)
20. Ralph Tresvant / Stone Cold Gentleman (LP Version)
21. Highland Place Mobsters / Try My Love
22. Babyface feat. Toni Braxton / Give U My Heart (Extended Remix)
23. Wendy Moten / Make This Love Last (Album Version)
24. M.L. / I Can't Go Out Like That
25. The Winans / Don't Leave Me (Remix Radio Edit)
26. Bobby Brown / That's The Way Love Is (LP Version (No Rap))
27. Riff / Judy Had A Boyfriend (T-Town's "3R" Remix 2004)
28. Janet Jackson / And On And On (Mixx-It)
29. Jodeci / Cherish (Twelve Inch Extensions)
30. Commissioned / Let Me Tell It

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