Kenny Dope / Disco Heat (3CD/MIX-CD)

  • Kenny Dope / Disco Heat (3CD/MIX-CD)


Kenny Dopeがディスコものをテーマに選曲、ミックスをした3枚組CD。

1枚目はKenny Dopeミックス(2枚使いや、センス良いエディットを駆使している)しており、2と3枚目はノンミックスで1曲まるごと楽しめる充実内容。

Disco 1 -Kenny Dope Disco Heat Mix-

1. Life On Mars (Dexter Wansel)

2. Me & The Gang (Hamilton Bohannon)

3. You Got Me Running (Lenny Williams)

4. I Need You (Sylvester)

5. Groovin You (Harvey Mason)

6. Dance With Me (Carrie Lucas)

7. Powerline (Double Journey)

8. Go Bang (Dinosaur L)

9. Jazz Carnival (Azymuth)

10. Keep On Dancin' (Gary's Gang)

11. In The Bush (Musique)

12. Double Cross (First Choice)

13. Just As Long As I Got You (The Love Committee)

14. Here I Go Again (Thelma Houston)

15. Soul On Your Side (Rhythm Makers)

16. Pow Wow (Cory Daye)

17. Got To Have Your Love (Clyde Alexander)

18. Sweet Jazz Music (Panache)

19. New York Moving (Ahazz)

Disco 2 -Discoball-

all 9 tracks

Disco 3 -Dancefloor-

all 9 tracks

Disco / House / MIX-CD